There are things that I would like to say,

But pride has got my tongue.

23 December
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This is a journal.


Curious? Yes, you are. That’s right. I’m telepathic. And you are going to continue reading this.

See. I’ve filled you with wonder and amazement, have I not?

Well, then. I guess I better say something about myself. Firstly, my name is Maryrose, but no one calls me that, so, um, just erase that from your memory. Hi, my name's Mary. I was born on December 23, 1988. I’m 5’5” and weigh 105 pounds. I have gigantic hips that I wish I could saw off, since they contrast obviously with my freakishly little waist. I was born in Orange, California, and have never moved further than two towns apart.

I’m aloof, contemplative, eccentric, independant, curious, and absentminded. On the down side, I'm also paranoid, self-conscious, clumsy, prone to stress over little things, defensive, and sensitive. My sense of humor is really, really obnoxious and stupid. I’m the type who is constantly lost in thought, rarely seen focused on reality. Dreams and fantasies are always racing through my mind, even if they're impossible to come true. Strangers call me weird for reasons I am unaware of. At school, you’ll see me secluding myself in a corner, asleep. People automatically assume I'm shy, but that's not the case. I'll speak if I have something to say to them, but I usually prefer not to interact. Like I said, I prefer to think, analyze, and observe, rather than commune and share. Thus I'm prone to isolating myself from the outdoors, as well as losing contact with people for periods of time. I'm often self-reproachful; I’ve never been very fond of myself. I’m a writer, and a failure at visual art. I'm on a lifelong search for knowledge and truth.

I drink tea and slushies. I mostly listen to Pura Turi, The Strokes, and Raphael. I love lo-fi bands. I watch action/adventure movies, with some drama, suspense, and the occasional adventure romance as well. I play Nintendo, and nothing else. My favorite game is Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and my favorite series is The Legend of Zelda. My favorite flowers are white roses. My favorite season is winter. My personality type is INTP.

Sorrow is an attracting emotion. Anger is something I very much despise. I like frailty and vulnerability. I hate aggression and conventionalism. I like you bright, stimulating, determined, offbeat, and adventurous. I take an interest in nonconformity and anything abnormal. I have a fetish for the color blue and anything that's cold.

Ask yourself!: Are you considered abnormal? Do you have odd yet attractive quirks about yourself? Is your sense of humor under appreciated and nonsensical? Do you care about, um, stuff? Well, I dare say! You have quite the chance of being my friend.

I'll love you even more if your entries are thoughtful, meaningful, descriptive, and of higher thinking.

Although, if anyone wanted to be a friend of Mary, they certainly will be added. No questions asked.

(As if anyone would want to be my friend. Pssssh.)

Be warned: This journal has mood fluctuating problems. I can be ecstatic in one entry, angst-ridden in the next. When I’m motivated to write, I have to be in a passionate mood. Passion can be connected to drama. Therefore, when drama intervenes with my emotions, I tend to write more eloquently and lengthy. This is what you’ll find in this journal. It’s my place to vent. It hardly contains entries on my day, but rather over my current feelings. So, if you’re against personal conflicts and would rather read journals for your own entertainment, I doubt you’ll enjoy befriending me.

Still interested? Leave me a comment, or just add me if you’re uncool like that.

Thank you, and may your day be full of groove. :3

Jonathan Crane a.k.a. the Scarecrow is love

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