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01:55am 29/04/2006
  I obviously can't write in here on a schedule anymore. I'd like to, but I have a problem with wanting to read every single one of my friend's entries. That's how it used to be; write an entry, read everyone's entries, comment on them. But now I have what, months of entries to catch up on? And I have around, what, 74 friends it says? And 80 communities? Woah, no, I can't keep up with all of those. So I've decided I'm going to make a new journal, with a select, select few. Probably consisting of personal friends from my life, and the one's that I've bonded with extremely well online. I'm sorry, I haaaate that, but I really want to keep up with LJ again, and keep things organized. I'm going to keep this journal alive, but not as a daily, writing journal. Just to keep check on other things, or to update every so often. And maybe I'll come back during the summer, when I have some more free time. But I just really, desperately need a place to write my thoughts. All right, I'm done. I'll see all of you soon, once I'm less scatter-brained.  
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06:48pm 05/08/2004

Yeah. I've contracted kuragitis too.

So. Have you read my profile? EXCELLENT. So, yeah. Comment to be added. Or don't. I'll love all you crazy chaps anyway.
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